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Cookies Policy

1 – What is a cookie?

A cookie is a text file which is saved by your browser software, in a specific location on the hard drive of your device* when you access an on-line service. A cookie file allows its issuer to identify the device on which it was registered, for the duration of the cookie’s validity or registration.

* Device refers to the equipment (computer, tablet, smartphone etc.) that you use to consult or view a site, an app, advertising content etc.

2 – What cookies do we use?

We use a particular kind of cookie for the purposes set out below.

  • Analytical cookies

These are cookies that enable us to find out how customers use our website and about our website performance, collect statistics, learn about the number of visitors and use of various site features (content viewed, customer journey), which will help us improve the relevance and usability of services we offer (most frequently viewed pages or columns, most-read articles etc.)

These include the following cookies:

CookiesWhat data is collected?Use
Google AnalyticsInternet Pages viewed on our site
Third party cookies
To collect statistics and find out about the number of visits and use of various site features

3 – Third-partY cookies

Cookies that are issued and used by a third-party are subject to the third-party’s own cookie policy. We will inform you of the purpose of those cookies of which we are aware and the options available to you to make choices regarding these cookies.
We have no control over cookies used by advertising companies who are acting on their own behalf.

4 – How to reject/delete cookies

The ability to store cookies on a device is mainly dependent on the willingness of the device’s user who may express or modify their wishes, at any time, free of charge.

If you have set your browser to allow cookies to be stored on your computer, the cookies set on the pages and content of sites you’ve visited may be temporarily stored in a specific location on your device.

If you refuse to store cookies on your device or you delete those that are stored, you may not be able to enjoy all the features offered by our site.

Here are the ways in which you can accept/reject or delete cookies present on our site:

  • Browser setting

Most browsers are set by default to accept cookies. However, you can decide to block these cookies or ask your browser to warn you when a site is trying to set a cookie on your device.
You can change your browser’s cookie settings by amending your privacy settings.

Every browser has a different configuration process for managing cookies. It is explained in your browser’s help menu, and shows how you can make the modifications you want regarding cookies.

Opt-out links for analytics cookies
The use of a cookie management platform for “sharing” cookies and advertising cookies

You can find out more about behavioural advertising and privacy protection from this web site:; here you can find out the names of registered companies that offer you the option of refusing or accepting their cookies so that they can adapt adverts, which may be displayed on your device, to your browsing history.

The cookie set when using share buttons is also included in this platform.

Note, our ability to take into account your preferences, is dependent on a cookie. If you delete all cookies saved on your device (via your browser), neither we, nor our service providers, will know that you have selected this option.


5 – For further information about cookies

Visit the ICO website: