NACON introduces the Asymmetric Wireless Controller, a new controller with wireless mode for PlayStation®4 (PS4™), now available in Europe.   The Asymmetric Wireless Controller will offer an asymmetric layout for the sticks …

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Be more precised in your gaming sessions with the GM-350L

With its resolutaion rates from 250 to 8200 dpi, the GM-350L will be perfect for all your PC games !

FPS, MOBA, RTS… This mouse fits perfectly with every type of games. Plus, its metal base assures a smooth and precise slide and a great stability. And don’t forget that the 7 buttons are a real game-changer!




  • « Avago 9800 » laser sensor gives resolution rates from 250dpi to 8200 dpi
  • Metal base provides weight
  • 7 buttons programmable
  • Software allows for full customisation and macro recording
  • Braided cable: app. 180cm