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You have until 11:59pm CET on 12 March 2023! Good luck !


Nacon is delighted to announce a brand-new edition of its online press conference, NACON Connect. With an especially full line-up this year (over 20 games planned for 2023), Nacon will share lots of information about forthcoming games in this edition (RoboCop: Rogue City, Ad Infinitum, Ravenswatch, Lord of the Rings: Gollum, and many more).The conference will be the perfect opportunity to show gameplay from several of our titles.

Nacon Connect is also an anniversary event for Nacon, and there will be amazing discounts on our accessories for hardcore gamers on as well as on all our games sold by privileged partners.
Head to Nacon's official channels on 9 March at 7pm CET / 10am PST to follow the announcements and react live.


*"NACON CONNECT 2023" contest rules
  1. Manette mobile MG-X Pro  Apple (iOS)
    MG-X pro Xbox / iOS / Smartphone Controller
  2. Manette mobile MG-X Apple (iOS)
    MG-X Xbox / iOS / Smartphone Controller
  3. Manette Revolution XPro Controller Xbox
    Revolution X Pro Controller Xbox / PC / Controller
  4. RIG 800 PRO HS - Casque Gaming Sans-fil Playstation et Station d’Accueil Multifonction
    RIG 800 PRO HS Playstation / Headset
  5. RIG 800 PRO HX - Casque Gaming Sans-fil Xbox et Station d’Accueil Multifonction
    RIG 800 PRO HX Xbox / Atmos / Headset
  6. RIG 800 PRO HD - Casque Gaming Sans-fil PC et Station d’Accueil Multifonction
    RIG 800 PRO HD PC / Atmos / Headset
  7. Manette Pro Compact RGB pour Xbox
    Pro Compact Controller Colorlight Xbox / PC / Controller
  8. Pro Compact Controller for Xbox
    Pro Compact Controller Xbox / PC / Controller