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Our ideal gaming controllers for video game enthusiasts are designed to provide the ultimate gaming experience. Whether you're playing on Xbox One or a gaming PC, we have what you need. The REVOLUTION 5 PRO is our highly sought-after premium PS5 controller, tailored for PS5 games, allowing you to play games on the PlayStation Network with an advantage over your rivals. With adaptive triggers and Hall Effect magnetic technology, this controller ensures an enhanced experience for every video game. Being PC-compatible, you can enjoy its advanced capabilities seamlessly on your computer. As for the Xbox Revolution X Pro Controller, it is a high-end controller for your Xbox One. With haptic feedback, the Revolution X Pro is essential for every PC gamer. The Pro Compact Controller is the ideal Xbox controller. In our wide range of colors, this controller is particularly popular among PC gamers. Its ergonomic grip, touchpad, and PC compatibility make it the ideal choice for any avid gamer. The RIG 800 PRO HS is a wireless headset with a clear and precise sound. Thanks to its 50mm audio transducers, it ensures exceptional audio quality. Our gaming headset is compatible with PlayStation, Xbox One, and PC, guaranteeing total immersion in your games with high-quality surround sound. The Daija Arcade Stick is a gaming controller designed for fighting games, compatible with PC and PS5 console. With its intuitive and responsive control, it will transport you back to the nostalgia of arcade halls right from your living room. No need to break the bank for a quality video gaming experience. Our affordable controllers for Xbox One and PlayStation are designed to offer the best experience for every gamer, seamlessly combining quality and affordable prices. They are compatible with all platforms.